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Mold: The Broader View

Thanks to cyclical factors as well as man's illusion that he can dominate and control Nature, we are witnessing an epidemic of weather changes, starting perhaps with El Niño and La Niña and running up to the events of the last few months:  the Asian tsunami, rains in Mongolia, flooding north of the Alps causing horrendous damage in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria; and immediately thereafter Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and now Stan in Central America.

It is because these catastrophes carry long-term hidden risks in the form of mold that I have decided, despite my law suit, to publish the results of my effort to restore my health since my mold problems began in early 2001.

I am a health care professional—in alternative health—and therefore probably approach my challenges a bit differently from some.  Thanks to an enormous network of colleagues, I benefited from input and advice often missing in the experience of others suffering the consequences of mold exposure.  Innocent at first, I overlooked some risks, failed to gauge correctly some dangers that were pointed out to me, and made my share of mistakes, costly ones. The learning curve is steep and the slope can be slippery at times.  This said, I am no longer at the bottom of the slope and therefore the time has come to share the pearls of my ordeal with mold.

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